What’s in a name?

You can mentally fill in the next line if you would like. Everyone knows it. It’s Shakespeare for goodness sake, and Shakespeare is everywhere. Is he to blame for the glorification of roses?

Don’t get me wrong, roses are lovely. Particularly beautiful even. But let me tell you about peonies.

Peonies are gorgeous and smell so good. I almost wish I was Blair Waldorf, just to have them everywhere, always. I love them, enough to make another of my loves (books…in this case paperbacks) alliterate with them. (Alliterate…is that a word? Regardless, grammar is great and alliterations are my best friends.) Anyway, peonies *sighs dramatically.* It isn’t just roses that are romantically poetic.

So yes, half of my blog name is a lovely flower. The other half, paperbacks, speaks for itself. It also relates a little more to what this blog will be focused on.

That’s right, books. And that’s right, another teenage book blog. Only, I’m not solely going to post book reviews and write about what I have been reading (which will, admittedly, be a great deal of my content). I will also write reviews of movies, document my current Netflix obsessions, and babble a bit about things that I think and observe.

Yeah, one of those blogs. But I, personally, am excited. It took me so long to come up with a blog name. I even researched how to do it. The general consensus, though, was that sure, names are important. They convey who you are, what you’re blogging about. But truly, it’s the content that matters. Peonies and paperbacks are wonderful things; hopefully this blog will do them both justice. Even if no one ever reads what I spew forth into the virtual universe, I think it will be fun.

Who knew there could be so much in a name?

One Reply to “What’s in a name?”

  1. What’s in a name indeed. To my way of thinking, your name is packed with my own private and precious memories. I appreciate the opportunity to read what’s in your head from time to time.

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