Emerge: The Awakening by Melissa Craven

EmergeWhat it’s about:

When Allie Carmichael is forced to leave her Australian life in the beginning of the book, she reacts as any teen would. The only difference is that moving isn’t new to her; she’s done it numerous times. But with the familiar struggle of making new friends and navigating a new place, the last thing Allie expects is to get new powers as well.

These powers that not only set her farther apart from others, but also explain why she has always been such an outsider. But she isn’t as alone as she thought; Allie makes many new friends – and allies – that help her as her life changes in ways that she struggles to fathom.

The powers and knowledge that she gains do not come without a price, however. Allie tries to have a normal life, tries not to love the guy who becomes the one constant thing in her life, tries to get stronger through her daily training sessions, and tries not to be killed. Allie soon discovers that these things are going to be difficult and that, when she and her friends are eventually put to the test, it is only the beginning of her long and mysterious destiny.

What I thought:

I received an ARC of Emerge, and it was well worth the read. It brought several words to mind: unusual, intriguing, funny, and promising.

Unusual, because I personally have never read a book like this before. I liked it, but was very surprised. I enjoyed that I learned about Allie (the main character) and her new world just as she did.

Intriguing, because I often couldn’t put it down, and read several hundred pages at a time. I thought that it would simply be another dystopian novel with a strong female lead. I was wrong. Craven creates an entire history and race, but places it within a modern setting. This setting makes both the characters and their struggles, which are occasionally unrealistic, more relatable. I did get confused about who was who and what backstory was what. However, most of my questions were eventually answered. After the stories and training sessions, the book got particularly exciting. My OTP grew closer, and I began to care more about what happened to them and the rest of the characters.

Funny, because it made me actually laugh out loud. I grew to like Allie more and more because of her quick and sarcastic sense of humor. Her interactions with the other characters were so clever; she said things that I wish I had thought to say.

Promising, because I know that it is the first book of the series. As a stand alone, there would have been way too much introduction and rising action. However, the conflicts that were introduced, the pressing ones – were solved. It was satisfying, and somewhat surprising. I definitely recommend this book, especially if you like magic, sassy heroines, and prophecies.

4/5 stars

4 Replies to “Emerge: The Awakening by Melissa Craven”

    1. This book was published independently, so the author sent it to me herself! It’s the only ARC I’ve gotten, so I don’t really have any advice on that front. Emerge is available on Amazon now, though! I highly recommend it :)

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