Aca-Believe It

The first thing that any college student must survive is orientation.

Everyone’s nervous about it. Everyone wonders if they’ll make friends, who they’ll sit with, what they’ll do. But they  shouldn’t worry. Orientation (or at least mine, anyway) was full of droning info sessions, cheesy presentations, free stuff, small group activities, and plenty of opportunities to get used to campus and make new friends.

My orientation (called FASET) was two days long and occurred after I moved in for the summer. Afterwards, we had a weekend to get adjusted to campus before classes started. But that’s getting ahead of myself.

There have been many times in my life that I have felt like I’ve been in a movie, that life and everything happening around me feels a little unreal, a little unbelievable, too crazy to have not been scripted. (This is because I watch a lot of movies but) my orientation was one such time. At the organization fair, I felt like Beca from Pitch Perfect, meandering around the booths. (One of the friends I had just made even does acapella.) Inside, I felt like a part of a sitcom. Not the audience, but an active character who kept looking at the camera when something ridiculous happened.

Orientation was certainly an experience anyway. A rite of passage. It was necessary, but it was really helpful too. I learned about all of the opportunities available to me, where to go if I needed help, what kinds of clubs I could join, what I could be a part of come fall. I made new friends, and we bonded over free t-shirts, cookies, and how exhausted we were at the end of our fifteen hour day.

It was crazy and movie-like and fun.

My very first (and not very interesting) shoebox of a dorm room.
I was welcomed to my new room by my favorite Adventure Time character! (I AM Princess Bubblegum though, Buzzfeed told me so.)
After I moved in and before orientation, my mom, grandmother, and I went to eat at the Bone Garden Cantina. It was so cool!
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
…and it was delicious and made for an AMAZING Taco Tuesday!
My FASET (orientation) Small Group. (We named the surfboard Yonce.)
I made a couple of really sweet friends! (This would have been a great pun if Buzz was a honeybee.)
Buzz buzz!
Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts Luncheon and Welcome Session
After the second day of orientation, my new friends and I watched soccer and ordered cookies in the dorms! It was really fun…and definitely another movie moment. It was a great way to end FASET!

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