Buzzing About

My very first weekend on campus was spent in a flurry of new friends and sugary treats. (People bond over sugar, I’ve learned. I love this, though, as I love sugar—especially when it’s free!) It went by in a flash—a happy, exciting, fun, stress-free flash.

On Saturday, several of us rode together to Ponce City Market. I had been to the Beltline before, but never actually in the warehouse-turned-bohemian-restaurant-shopping-hotspot beside it. (It was really neat, but REALLY crowded, as it was the weekend.)

Eventually, we ditched the crowds and walked to the Beltline outside. It was like returning to the mothership. The murals were calling me. So, however, were popscicles, so when it got too hot and we decided to leave, we quite literally hit a popsicle stand. (Or is it “blow” the popsicle stand…)

On Sunday, my roommate and I wandered about. We became familiar with each other and the campus around us. We found our classes so that we’d be ready for Monday, found the lecture halls and department buildings we thought we might need to know of. We pieced together our new situations as we buzzed about.

All the while, I grew more accustomed to living on my own, surrounded by peers and new friends, in the middle of a huge and exciting city. It was nice transition into dining hall food, long walks, and communal bathrooms. It was the perfect adjustment before classes started on Monday.

I had fun, and I took pictures~

Everything was hopelessly expensive but I really liked the aesthetic.
The Beltline is the best!
Balcony/apartment goals.
We stopped by King of Pops on our way out :)
Wandering around campus.
Amanda, please!
I’m obsessed with the city sky.
I struggled to hang pictures on the wall in my room…
…but they promptly fell down. (After taking this picture, actually.)

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