Favorable Fortunes

Georgia Tech is not easy.

I knew this, of course, before attending. But as I sat in the middle of the Panda Express, mouth full of fried rice, sometime this summer, I realized just how true it was.

I had mounds of homework to do, reading to complete, projects to work on. I had two classes, but two classes with lots of assignments, sped up, was a handful.

But one that I could handle, I was finding. And as was surely confirmed by my positive, encouraging, if a bit vague, fortune cookie. I will tackle a large project and come out on top. It was as though the Mystic Panda had read my planner.

After eating my lunch, I went to study with my friends for the aforementioned classes. We sat on the roof of the CULC and were treated to lovely weather. The air wasn’t muggy, and a wind was blowing through the trees and shade under which we sat. I was able to focus, but to also learn the material and enjoy myself with others who were equally motivated as myself.

We spent the afternoon this way, full from Panda and content in our productivity and excellent choice in study location. We were confident, ready for whatever the days and classes ahead would bring.

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