Mike and Dave Movie Review

A week before the movie premiered, my friends and I received free screening tickets to see Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates at Atlantic Station. As I have been following Anna Kendrick on Twitter for…forever, the movie has long been on my radar, my “to-see list.” So see it I did.

img_5124(No but I jumped on those free screening tickets, let me tell you.)

The movie was absolutely hilarious. It was of the same branch of film as Neighbors, only funnier. It was like Grown Ups, but younger. Bridesmaids, but…well, I wouldn’t know, I  haven’t seen Bridesmaids. Well, Mike and Dave was a little similar…but very different.

It was just as raunchy as these movies are. There were just as many sex and drug references and scenes, if not more. No, what made this movie great, hilarious, was the acting. Zac Efron, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Kendrick, Adam Devine…together, they were perfect. They were all friends already, so I’m pretty sure that the movie and jokes came naturally to each of them. It felt believable—even the ridiculous stuff.

img_5139(Because yes, even though it’s “based off of a true story,” the idea of two guys looking for dates to take to Hawaii (all expenses paid) to their sister’s wedding and ending up with two bad-girls-posing-as-good-girls is pretty ridiculous. So are most of the drug and sex and Rhianna concert ticket parts, but hey.)

Another thing that made this movie excellent was how well my friends and I were able to relate to it. This probably sounds like it’s because we’re all wild, devil-worshiping college students. But no, it’s solely because we are college students. We got the jokes. We got the actors. We got the music, the scene, the ironies. It was as though the movie was made for us.

Maybe, if you think about it, it was. Sure, it was really gross (to a point of being offensive) at times. But it was funny. It was honest, natural. It was like life. And definitely, beyond the shadow of a doubt, like college.

Rating: 7/10

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