Sam’s Surprise Soirée

On Thursday, June 30th, a group of us threw a surprise party for one of our new friends. We orchestrated the outing with only minor speed bumps, and she was successfully oblivious to the whole thing.

We went to Steel, a sushi restaurant in Midtown. It was delicious. The sushi was much better than our  picked-over sides of fried rice, but both hit the spot. They even brought out some kind of chocolate dessert that artfully said “Happy Birthday” in chocolate cursive. (I have hopelessly forgotten what it actually was, though.)

We went back to one of the dorm rooms and held Surprise Soirée Round 2, complete with Insomnia cookie cake. IT was the showstopper of the dinner party.

I hope Sam had an amazing 19th birthday! I was so glad I got to be a part of it <3 ~


The Partygoers
Free dessert!
Even the sky was celebrating!
Getting dressed up and going out is always fun, especially when it’s to celebrate with such sweet friends!
Congrats on being old <3



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