Legally Blonde Day

July 13th was the 15th Anniversary of Legally Blonde.

I found this out the morning of and was extremely excited about it, quite literally, all day. The next thing I found out, however, was that no one around me cared.

I was the only one to whom this milestone, albeit of debatable significance, mattered. No one was amused when I quoted Elle in conversation. I think I received a couple of eye rolls, actually.

I was a little hurt. This movie was one of my favorites. It’s funny, yes. It has Reese Witherspoon, yes. But it’s more than this, I think. I mean, I don’t just like it because I’ve seen it a million times, and vice versa.

It’s really encouraging.

Yes, Legally Blonde. You heard me correctly. It’s so encouraging. Encouraging to a fellow blonde Caucasian female pursuing higher education. I’m not like Elle in any other way that I can think of, but I closely relate to the prejudice she faces when she tells her ex Warner that she is going to law school. When people found out I was going to Georgia Tech, people first questioned my intelligence, then they attributed my acceptance to “oh, it’s just because she’s a girl.”

So, as a girl, I love that Elle proves everyone wrong and literally kicks ass in law school. As a girl, I hope to show everyone that I can do it to, and that they should screw themselves. I mean, I’m not in law school, but even going to a difficult school can elicit a similar response.

I admire Elle, and I love Legally Blonde.

And Harvard, Georgia Tech? “What, like it’s hard?”

I got a little carried way and decorated my coffee cup while studying…

I posted this picture on Instagram…

2 Replies to “Legally Blonde Day”

  1. On this Tuesday, August 16, 2016, I’m having a totally PoopFull day. You made me laugh. Thank You!!! A day where no one “gets you” is tough! I GET YOU every day, all

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  2. Go Girl! I graduated from Tech 57 years ago and I’ve learned that most of the people (?) who look down their nose at new Tech students do so because they couldn’t get in themselves. Or didn’t apply for admission because they didn’t think they could get in. So they went to UGA, where they can’t spell “Dogs,” or to Auburn. Keep up the good work!!

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