Social Movements Field Trip

On July 15th, my Social Movements professor took my class on an optional field trip to the Museum of Civil and Human Rights. There were maybe ten or eleven of us, and after we took a group photo, we all spread out to see the exhibits at our own pace. 

The Civil Rights displays were extremely impactful, showing real photographs and statistics. There was a lunch counter the simulated sit-ins, and headphones that included everything from shouted insults to the voices of actual participants. 

In addition to being very informative, eye-opening, and all-around effective, the museum itself was just really well-designed. It was interactive and instructive. It was neat. 

It was also really interesting to see what we had learned in such great depth in class mere weeks before presented to us in such a vastly different but no less meaningful manner. After this trip, I am definitely a sworn believer in optional Friday morning field trips. 

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