Move In (Round 2)

Attending school this summer was absolutely invaluable. When the time came to start the fall semester, I knew where everything was, where to study, what roads and frats were which, which dining halls were open and when. I also knew people, and have still never walked down the sidewalk near the dorms without seeing and greeting at least one familiar face. I also had grown accustomed to my classes and how difficult they could get. I knew the expectations, and how to handle them.

I knew that fall would still be a new challenge and that things would inevitably be different. But not worrying too much about these things was so nice. It made for an extremely smooth transition. If your school offers you the opportunity to attend classes on campus in the summer, take it, because I am so grateful that I did.

There was also one more reason that I was grateful for moving in early, one more thing that I learned that many people could easily overlook. And that was the fact that I had stayed in a dorm room all summer. I knew what having a roommate was like, what living away from home was like. To clarify, I knew what living away from my home and my family in a shoebox was like.

Living in dorms is another situation in itself. Fortunately, staying in one all summer had taught me what I would and wouldn’t need. I figured out how and what I wanted to decorate. I learned what was necessary as far as tools, storage, and food. I organized my clothes how I wanted, knew where I wanted my desk and dresser. I also learned how to use Command Strips, which in and of itself is not easy, let me tell you.

Long story short, I am so grateful for everything that my summer semester taught me, but especially this. Moving away for the first time is a pretty big deal, so anything that can make both the physical and emotional feat less intensive is appreciated. Appreciated, and wonderful.

Without further ado, here is my and my roommate/friend’s lovely lil shoebox home, courtesy of my amazing parents, antique and bargain stores, Pinterest, and Georgia Tech itself~

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