Brief Reprieve 

I have wanted to try yoga for a while, so one Thursday night I finally did it. I dragged my friend along and we both had a blast. It was a little tough, simply because we were both new at it. Fortunately, however, it was a beginner’s class, and the extremely cool instructor explained everything in detail. There was no constant stream of motions we didn’t know, no inexplicable stretches or twists. It was relaxing and we left feeling exhilarated. I’ve been going once every week since.

The following day was long, as my last class ended at noon and I had a meeting at five. I also didn’t have a car, so getting off campus would have bee impractical. Campus was quiet, deserted almost. The weather was nice, however, so I sat outside, worked on homework, and enjoyed.

On Friday evening, I went out to several parties. My friend introduced me to a plethora of hers, and I ran into a few familiar faces in the process. After wandering about the once again active campus for a bit, I retired to my dorm, sleepy and happy about how the past few days had gone. It was a nice respite from the constant work of the week, and prepared me for yet another to come.img_8609img_8685img_8589

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