Weekend #1

Fall semester started and the first week came and went. It gave way to a great weekend, full of pretty (alligator-looking) sunsets, milkshakes, skyline views, and weird frat party things.

The weirdest thing that happened was that we saw a baby pig some guy keeps as a pet in his room. (Weird, but freaking adorable.) Oh, and another weird thing: clouds that look like alligators?

The most exciting and sweetest thing to happen was that my grandparents sent me Insomnia cookies and ice cream. I was with my friend at the time, and I had not been expecting it at all. I went out to the curb, saw the surprise, squealed, and proceeded to run back to her room to dive in/chow down. It was such a nice (and yummy) treat!

All in all, it was another weekend, but the first official one of the school year. It was fun, and I look forward to many more such weekends in the future.

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