Crush Party Craziness

Whoever said that to have a social life at Tech you have to be Greek was not only wrong, but a complete moron. Once the invite-only parties of the year began, I found that I knew a lot more people than I had thought, and that I had a lot of friends in really random places. One of these random places is Pike, and my friend invited me to their first crush party!

We got to dress up, which is always an occasion. Then we headed down the road to meet at Pike. The bus arrived late, but we soon all packed onto a super sketchy school bus and headed out. I didn’t know where we were going, but we drove on and on until we reached the Emerald City of Buckhead, a place that I never go. This alone was exciting!

We went to The Ivy, a restaurant and bar with valet. Valet, and yet here we were in a school bus. Yeah, this was where things went weird.

First of all, we weren’t allowed to go into the actual restaurant. We were kicked out, essentially, and herded upstairs like cattle, or rambunctious trick-or-treaters. That was embarrassing.

The venue itself was really nice. It was a two-part patio and bar area, with stone floor and a cool breeze blowing across wicker furniture. On the half that was inside, there were TV’s and a dance floor, ready to go. Only, our party didn’t fill the spacious area. Mingling was strange, and the room looked empty no matter how many people came and went.

Still, I met a ton of people who were all very nice. I hung out with my friends, and it was nice to do so off campus for once. When the buses arrived, the room cleared, and I and a couple of these friends were left. Which would have been fine. Only it took over an hour for the next bus to get us. By then, we were done.

It was a stampede back down the stairs, past the bouncers watching everyone disapprovingly, towards the once again gross-looking school bus in our nice dresses and heels. I was over the excitement by this point, as the company had dwindled and everyone was tired. I was ready to get back to campus.

On the way back to my dorm upon our return, I ran into Claudia. We realized that we were outside of a frat party whose theme was “The Great Fratsby,” so, pun extraordinaire that I am, we had to get a picture.

Overall, it was a really fun evening spent with friends old and new, complete with a change of scenery and a few odd school buses and puns thrown in to mix it up a bit. To re-emphasize, you don’t have to be Greek to go to parties. And so far, with no pressure, and my only name or association being my own self, it’s been an absolute blast.




New friends and funny poses LOL



Pardon the red eyes please (oops)


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