Paper, Clay, and Clouds

img_9054Want to know an artsy place at Tech? Paper and Clay. Want to know a really inconvenient place at Tech? Paper and Clay.

Don’t get me wrong. I really like it. It’s basically an open studio with pottery wheels and tables in the back, shelfs to the high ceiling stacked with art in various stages of finality. But it’s so far away.

It’s on the third floor of the student center, hidden in a back hallway corner. It’s a maze to get to. And my piece has taken so many trips back and forth to finish. (That’s probably why it’s bugged me, honestly.)img_9047

Each time I have gone, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve been able to relax for a moment, take a break from my busy day. I’ve let my mind drift off, then snapped it back to eavesdrop on some very interesting conversations. (It’s a small room. That’s why I’ve met a ton of cool people there, too.)

So yeah. Arts at Tech? It’s everywhere, but Paper and Clay is one sure FIRE place to get your hands in it, whether you think you’re an artist or not.


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