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San Gimignano

When we left Rome, we were more than ready to leave. Little did we know that, during our lunch stop on way to the next city, Florence, we would find an unexpected gem of a place called San Gimignano. No one gave us any context before stopping here, and the bus area wasn’t much to look at. But we walked around the grocery store and up some random stairs in pursuit of free bathrooms and were faced with one of the prettiest views of the trip thus far. We realized we were on a hill in the middle of the Italian countryside. There was a castle and the Tuscan sun above us, and all of Italy stretched out down below. It was quite literally a breath of fresh air.


This was the view that we one hundred percent fangirled over and raced around to see better.
I’m still not really sure why there was a castle here, other than it used to be used to defend the countryside and now hosts tons of tourists. I think it was low-key used as inspiration for Pinoccio back in the day, or the story originated here or something. All I could keep thinking was that the medieval walls reminded me of Game of Thrones.


The roads felt like alleyways and the sun had to peep through to reach us.


We found one of the coolest coffee shop/restaurant combos to sit and chill in for a bit. The people working there weren’t exactly friendly, but the tiny little room and giant mugs of coffee were exactly what we needed.
There were even paper placemats, and after noticing that many were featured on the walls with artwork on them, I went for it myself.
Me with the biggest cup of coffee I had seen in WEEKS.


After coffee and food, we wandered around some more <3


Game of Thrones?

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