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Food, Friends, Art, and Coffee

Hello again! I thought that I’d end yet another infamous and periodic bit of radio silence with a post about an adventure I went on back in—what was it now, January? Man that was so long ago now.

Anyway, a while ago I went to Cabbagetown with the lovely ladies I am going to be sharing an apartment with next year! Three of us were already friends, and I was friends with the fourth. Before this, though, the two and the one actually had yet to meet each other, so an introductory excursion was definitely in order. And preferably one with breakfast food and cute photo ops.

So we had brunch at the Carroll Street Cafe, a cute little place with an abundance of both coffee and mimosas, depending on how old you are. The biscuits are the best too, highly recommend. Afterwards, we walked down the road and took a right to walk along the lengthy wall full of murals. We wandered all the way down to the Krog Street Tunnel, taking pictures and chatting and joking along the way.

After our adventure, we headed back to campus to do homework, as it was a Sunday and we are all typical Tech students. Not wanting the expedition to die completely, we went to Amelie’s for yet another change of scenery. And coffee.

All in all, it was a wonderful day, full of food and friends and art and coffee, which is basically all anyone could ever need. I am so looking forward to rooming with my friends in the fall. I can’t wait to decorate our apartment, to have movie nights, to have four walls to myself, to joke and tell stories in the evenings, to cook in a real life kitchen, to have a dishwasher… And, of course, I can’t wait to go on more adventures like this one too.


The Adventures of Lauren & Stank

On Saturday, January 28th, I met Christine (affectionately called “Stank” since some time around tenth grade) in West Midtown for our very favorite meal of the day. Our favorite because it’s Leslie Knope’s favorite, mostly, but also because it’s dang delicious.

We ate brunch at West Egg, which I had never been to before. We waited outside in the sunshine for a good thirty minutes, but it was extremely worth it. It also gave us a chance to catch up, and I got to know her friend who was visiting too. We were all rewarded for our patience, not just with each others’ company, but with delicious food and wonderful weather. And coffee.

After breakfast, we wandered around the area for a bit. We saw a tiny coffee shop made out of a shipping container, saw shops and cool urban-looking renovations. We then found the murals. The blue one is outside of Bartaco off of Howell Mill, and it was right beside the Merchant, a cute stationery shop that we promptly visited next. After saying goodbye to the new friend, I took the old to the West Side Cultural Arts Center right down the street. I had been there once before, but was pleasantly surprised by how close it was.

It was a lovely morning (or early afternoon?) full of lovely weather, great friends, awesome street art, and amazing food. It was such a treat to be able to explore new places and get to see one of my oldest and best friends, and I can’t wait to do it again soon.

Football Fan?

College football games are so much fun. This season has been my first (aside from, ya know, going as an infant). I have loved sitting with my friends and hopping around, meeting new people, bonding over the insane Georgia heat, and cheering on the Jackets. Here are some pictures from the very first game against Mercer, way back when~

Crush Party Craziness

Whoever said that to have a social life at Tech you have to be Greek was not only wrong, but a complete moron. Once the invite-only parties of the year began, I found that I knew a lot more people than I had thought, and that I had a lot of friends in really random places. One of these random places is Pike, and my friend invited me to their first crush party!

We got to dress up, which is always an occasion. Then we headed down the road to meet at Pike. The bus arrived late, but we soon all packed onto a super sketchy school bus and headed out. I didn’t know where we were going, but we drove on and on until we reached the Emerald City of Buckhead, a place that I never go. This alone was exciting!

We went to The Ivy, a restaurant and bar with valet. Valet, and yet here we were in a school bus. Yeah, this was where things went weird.

First of all, we weren’t allowed to go into the actual restaurant. We were kicked out, essentially, and herded upstairs like cattle, or rambunctious trick-or-treaters. That was embarrassing.

The venue itself was really nice. It was a two-part patio and bar area, with stone floor and a cool breeze blowing across wicker furniture. On the half that was inside, there were TV’s and a dance floor, ready to go. Only, our party didn’t fill the spacious area. Mingling was strange, and the room looked empty no matter how many people came and went.

Still, I met a ton of people who were all very nice. I hung out with my friends, and it was nice to do so off campus for once. When the buses arrived, the room cleared, and I and a couple of these friends were left. Which would have been fine. Only it took over an hour for the next bus to get us. By then, we were done.

It was a stampede back down the stairs, past the bouncers watching everyone disapprovingly, towards the once again gross-looking school bus in our nice dresses and heels. I was over the excitement by this point, as the company had dwindled and everyone was tired. I was ready to get back to campus.

On the way back to my dorm upon our return, I ran into Claudia. We realized that we were outside of a frat party whose theme was “The Great Fratsby,” so, pun extraordinaire that I am, we had to get a picture.

Overall, it was a really fun evening spent with friends old and new, complete with a change of scenery and a few odd school buses and puns thrown in to mix it up a bit. To re-emphasize, you don’t have to be Greek to go to parties. And so far, with no pressure, and my only name or association being my own self, it’s been an absolute blast.




New friends and funny poses LOL



Pardon the red eyes please (oops)


Paper, Clay, and Clouds

img_9054Want to know an artsy place at Tech? Paper and Clay. Want to know a really inconvenient place at Tech? Paper and Clay.

Don’t get me wrong. I really like it. It’s basically an open studio with pottery wheels and tables in the back, shelfs to the high ceiling stacked with art in various stages of finality. But it’s so far away.

It’s on the third floor of the student center, hidden in a back hallway corner. It’s a maze to get to. And my piece has taken so many trips back and forth to finish. (That’s probably why it’s bugged me, honestly.)img_9047

Each time I have gone, I have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve been able to relax for a moment, take a break from my busy day. I’ve let my mind drift off, then snapped it back to eavesdrop on some very interesting conversations. (It’s a small room. That’s why I’ve met a ton of cool people there, too.)

So yeah. Arts at Tech? It’s everywhere, but Paper and Clay is one sure FIRE place to get your hands in it, whether you think you’re an artist or not.


Labor Day Getaway

On Labor Day, my family stopped by to snatch me away for a little long-weekend trip. We went to Callaway Gardens and stayed in a really nice little cabin in the woods, right at the edge of the park. We rode bikes, walked, went swimming, saw butterflies, watched movies, and just generally caught up, for it had been a month since I had seen my family and we had all missed each other greatly.

One of the main attractions of the trip, other than getting to see one another and finish another season of Game of Thrones, obviously, was Callaway’s annual hot air balloon festival. Every evening, crews of people inflated a total of about twelve rainbow monsters using terrifyingly large flames. The balloons were beautiful, and I had never seen so many all in one place, nor in real life, before. They were fascinating and gorgeous and totally photogenic, as you’ll soon see.

Another highlight of the trip was the ropes course my brothers and I did. I had never done one of those before either, and was surprised, not by the heights or obstacles, but by how much of it I could actually do. I was also surprised by the fact that ninety percent of it was moving carabiner around to different wires. My brothers were competitive and urged me on constantly, making it all the more stressful but exciting and fun.

On Sunday night, we went to see the final balloon light show at the lake beach. The balloons were even more breathtaking than before, once you overlooked the cheesy pop music in the background. In fact, everything about the beach that weekend was a little cheesy—but in a good way. It was like an old-timey, vintage carnival, complete with cotton candy stands, shuffleboard, and over-sized chess sets. The entire festival vibe was contagious and quaint. There were children running about, dance songs playing, and adults waiting in line for margaritas. People played volleyball, splashed, and danced on the beach all day. It was a blast, even just people-watching and wandering about.

Finally, yes, my mom and I finished another season of Game of Thrones. It was season four and absolutely heartbreaking. You may know nothing, Jon Snow, but I’m still not okay.

It was such a wonderful long weekend, full of activities and relaxation alike. We did things at our own pace, did what we wanted to do. We wanted to ride bikes and take pictures and naps, so we did. We wanted to go see butterflies at the butterfly garden, so we did. We even wanted to watch a movie instead of hiking to see fireworks, so we did that too.

I got to see and spend time with my family, who I miss constantly. I got to get away from school and constant homework for a bit. I got to try and see a variety of new things. I loved every minute of it.

Brief Reprieve 

I have wanted to try yoga for a while, so one Thursday night I finally did it. I dragged my friend along and we both had a blast. It was a little tough, simply because we were both new at it. Fortunately, however, it was a beginner’s class, and the extremely cool instructor explained everything in detail. There was no constant stream of motions we didn’t know, no inexplicable stretches or twists. It was relaxing and we left feeling exhilarated. I’ve been going once every week since.

The following day was long, as my last class ended at noon and I had a meeting at five. I also didn’t have a car, so getting off campus would have bee impractical. Campus was quiet, deserted almost. The weather was nice, however, so I sat outside, worked on homework, and enjoyed.

On Friday evening, I went out to several parties. My friend introduced me to a plethora of hers, and I ran into a few familiar faces in the process. After wandering about the once again active campus for a bit, I retired to my dorm, sleepy and happy about how the past few days had gone. It was a nice respite from the constant work of the week, and prepared me for yet another to come.img_8609img_8685img_8589