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My Favorite Movies of 2017

In honor of the new year starting, ya know, today, I wanted to take a blog break from travel posts to write about something else I adore: MOVIES! As I was working on this this, I realized that a lot of these films stand out so much to me because of where I was and what… Continue reading My Favorite Movies of 2017


Golden Globes 2017 – My Predictions

With the new year comes a new selection of films, shows, directors, actors, and producers just waiting to be seen and properly acknowledged by Hollywood and the various Presses and Guilds. With the new year comes new faces on the red carpet, new fashions and gorgeous gowns and designers displaying their swoon-worthy work. With the… Continue reading Golden Globes 2017 – My Predictions

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The Martian

When the Oscar nominees were announced, my mother and I set to work watching the Best Picture films. We struggled through The Revenant and sat enthralled by Spotlight and squirmed throughout Room. We watched them all—all, that is, except for The Martian. We deftly avoided The Martian because—you can probably see this coming—I wanted to read… Continue reading The Martian