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Beltline Blues and Roommate News

I love the Beltline. I love the art, the urban atmosphere, the market nearby…I love it all. So when my roommate mentioned going with a group of our friends the weekend before classes started, I jumped at the idea. I had missed it, as I hadn’t been since earlier in the summer, despite its being right down the road.

I also thought that I’d use it as an opportunity to bond with my roommate and get to know her better. We talked, joked, and explored. We also figured out how to Marta there and back together. This immediately solidifies any relationship, I’m convinced.

It was a lovely afternoon, after which I only sort-of felt gross from eating so much ice cream, knew how to use Marta A LOT better, and was much closer to my hilarious and wonderful roommate. I was also even more excited about starting the full school year the following week.

Just Jammin’

With August came another very important time. Important time? Um, yeah, it was the first time that I could use my new planner!

If you’re anything like me, you understand that having a good planner is crucial to living as stress-free as possible. You like how cute planners can be, how reliable and wonderful and satisfying they are. You appreciate sticky notes and color-coding things…you appreciate pens too. You like that it is as though the perfect planner (which may take years to find) seems to be tailored just for you.

If you’re not anything like me…well, I’m not crazy I swear! Leslie Knope does it too!


Without further ado, here’s my new pretty little friend!

(Last little plug: my planner is Bando’s large Lady of Luxury Agenda, and I highly recommend it! My last planner was also by ban.do, so we’ve had a relationship for a while. AKA, all of their planners hold up really well, have a ton of room to write, draw, whatever you’re feelin, and so are stinking FUN! Oh, and my pens are Straedtler fine tips.)

(I will also be more than happy if either of them wants to sponsor me. Ok that’s all *flips hair super unsubtlely* *winks awkwardly*)


The Last Shebang

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, just as I swore it wouldn’t be.

Consequently, it has also been a while since my summer semester ended. Fall semester has already started, and I have so many things to say, but bear with me. I can’t skip ahead, I wouldn’t forgive myself for that. So, these next few (many) posts will be a sort-of catch up. Which will be fun, right?

Anyway. Here we go. Memory lane, at this point~

During the last weekend of our summer classes, we were all in a frenzy to finish our exams and projects, madly dashing to spend as much time together as possible before we all went our separate ways. I bonded with my roommate, ate at a new restaurant (Antico’s pizza—highly recommend), went to the last parties of the summer, submitted my infamous English 1102 portfolio (which wasn’t nearly as bad as everyone said it was) a couple hours before it was due…and moved out. All in a number of days.

I had gone to college, made new friends, learned new things, lived on my own, and explored campus and the city, all before most of my peers had even gotten home from their summer vacations. I felt so prepared, so comfortable. I wasn’t nervous about college anymore. I was ready, and as excited as ever.

The thing that I was looking forward to the most, though, was going home and sleeping for a very long time.


My English 1102 notebook, which came in handy for my portfolio.

We ate dinner at Antico’s Pizza off of West campus for the first time.

It was delicious.


Cool? Yes. Terrifying? Yes.

There had to be a final sky pic.





Smoothie straws and new friends!


Last Waffle House trip of the summer


Study-udy-udy (and Play Pokemon?)

The finals of the summer semester were approaching fast. The final classes, the final grades, tests, lessons… Everything was ending. Except, it seemed, for homework.

I had a research paper to complete, as well as a Social Movements test to prepare for. I was overwhelmed at times, but did my best to spread my work out to minimize stress. (This is always easier said than done, and seems a lot looking back than it was at the time, but still.) I had gotten the hang of things.

I also felt good about my research paper, which I was essentially living and breathing for that week. In my writing, I chose to explore why and how authors use other stories as the basis for their own. I used Cinderella and Shakespeare’s King Lear as evidence.

In fact, the assignment’s only requirement (other than “such and such a number of pages,” of course) was that we analyze Shakespeare in some manner. As we had read such a range of plays, and as each of them is chocked full of universal ideas, the assignment was basically open-ended. It was great.

To save from summing up my research paper, I’m going to post it next. Until then, here are a selection of pictures I took leading up to the last days of the semester.

Star Wars at Bobby Dodd

On July 8th, my friends and I attended a screening of one of my favorite movies, Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

I had been excited about this for weeks. Star Wars, on an enormous screen, in the grass on the field, with all of my new friends. It sounded ideal.

I studied and was a good little student the day before. I wasn’t even distracted by Buzz, who came and stole my computer for a moment in the middle of my Social Movements readings. (Well, maybe for a minute.) I got my work done so that I could enjoy everything fully.

Then the protests downtown started.

And, in my case, downtown meant down the road.

I have no opinion on the Black Lives Matter protests. Not what was being protested, not the tactics used, nothing. This isn’t going to be a political expose of any sort. I’m also not going to pretend that I’m informed about everything that was going on enough to make a comment that isn’t self-incriminating in some manner. So don’t get offended or read too much into any of this, please.

(Also understand that this is my blog and you are a voluntary reader. Also I’m like the biggest Star Wars nerd, so that’s where I’m comin’ from here.)

I was really disappointed that the helicopters overhead interrupted the movie.

There were at least fifteen coming and going, and they were so infuriatingly loud. Every scene, even the quiet ones, now featured war-movie sound effects, the sound of spinning blades and beating drums. My head pounded…or was it the laser blasts on screen?

It was mildly upsetting. I’d seen the movie before, but it still wasn’t what I had been expecting or hoped it would be.

Even excepting the helicopters, everyone around me only discussed what was happening on the news throughout the entirety of our stay. They weren’t even watching the movie. They had friends that they were worried about, wanted to check on. Two people even left the stadium to join the protests, mostly to say that they had been involved. (Again, this is just what it seemed like to me.) It was crazy.

I was disappointed, but not long after this, it was all in the past. Everyone moved on. When I went home, I rewatched the movie with my brothers in our living room, on a normal-sized TV. Sure, it wasn’t a jumbo-projector, sure it wasn’t outdoors, didn’t feel like a festival. There weren’t tons of new people to talk to.

But being cozy, being with my family, not having anything dangerous happening down the road, not having ten helicopters right above me, being able to enjoy the movie that I love? This was much more fun.

Buzz caught us studying!

Friends in a Field, oil on canvas, 1879 AD

The sky was gorgeous.

“Stop taking my hand!”

Crazy FASET Crashers

After another week of studying, my friends and I went to orientation. We pretended to be new students for the perks: free cookies, popsicles, t-shirts, stickers. Dishonest? Maybe. A fun bonding experience, ideal for broke college freshman who already knew a thing or two? Definitely.

After our free treats, we were whisked away by our friend with the car to Kale Me Crazy in Midtown. I had never been, but one friend, the health nut had. It was her favorite restaurant, and she wanted to share it with us. As everything on the menu looked amazing, we all eagerly consented.


I got my food, an acai bowl with coconut, banana, granola, and honey. I took pictures. It was pretty. But it was absolutely disgusting.

It had no flavor. It was like eating tasteless slush with fruit seeds in it. It was really cold. The toppings were the best part, but the ratio of material to smoothie was horribly disproportionate. It was also more expensive than a bad smoothie should have been. I don’t know how people do it so regularly.

The thing was, it was weirdly filling. So if you are a health nut, like said friend, and care very little for sugar or a satisfying taste, I’d call you crazy, but you’d love this place.

And even though I didn’t like it, going and trying something new with my friends was really fun. We snuck into Bobby Dodd Stadium and took pictures once we returned. We also went to a few parties and met a ton of new people. It was another fun weekend for the books. Or, the blog.

QUEENS of Pops!

The restaurant itself was basically just a bar, which was tight but cute!

It’s so heartbrakingly deceptively good-looking.

Bobby Dodd

We joke that we’re twins. But with the same hair and almost same name, who can blame us?

Apparently Star Trek reruns aren’t always appreciated…

Motivation to Run

I hate running and always have, but I started to do it more this summer. Like, willingly, of my own accord, running.

One thing that helped to motivate me to do it, aside from watching Friends guilt-free of course, was the sky.

The sunsets are typically lovely, but one night the sky was particularly brilliant. Avery and I were running on treadmills inside, but when we saw the sky through the window, we ditched the machinery and took off. We ran outside and all the way up Freshman Hill to better admire the sky.

It was breathtaking. (And not just because we were…ya know…out of breath.) After it ended and darkness decended, we made a couple detours on the way back to the treadmills.