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It's today it's today it's today!!! I have no idea what that quote is from, but it's from some movie. A kid is running somewhere really excitedly, saying that that in a high pitched voice over and over. I'm imagining that he is waving something in the air, shrieking and completely filled with energy and joy.… Continue reading Departure

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Talking As Fast I Can Book Review

So as you know I'm obsessed with Gilmore girls. (HA, understatement of the year.) As you may also know (thanks to my Instagram that I much more faithfully update than this poor pretty little child blog of mine), when I found out that Lauren Graham was writing a book about her experiences as Lorelai on… Continue reading Talking As Fast I Can Book Review

Book Reviews

Where’d You Go, Bernadette Book Review

Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple tells the story of a family, particularly a woman, who is a little "odd" and completely misunderstood by everyone. Misunderstood, but, throughout the novel, revealed—and redeemed. As the title suggests, Bernadette, mother of Bee, goes missing. The novel, however, is more than simply a tale of how she goes… Continue reading Where’d You Go, Bernadette Book Review

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IAC Dean’s Research Internship

August 28th, 2016 When I applied to Georgia Tech last winter, I applied for a slew of other scholarships too. College scholarships, alumni scholarships, Dean's scholarships, “outside” scholarships…so many that, by the end of the process, they were all an incoherent whirlwind of “maybe’s” and “money” and “unlikely” in my head. So, when I found… Continue reading IAC Dean’s Research Internship

Book Reviews

Crown of Midnight Review

Wanna hear something horrible? I don't even remember actually finishing this book. I did finish, though. So that definitely says more about the book than me. (Right?) It wasn't horrible. I just lost interest in it somewhere towards the supposedly most exciting part of the story, and didn't even care to finish it until a… Continue reading Crown of Midnight Review

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When (Back) In Rome

When I came back home, I explored some places that I hadn't really been before. I visited antique stores in search of dorm decor, wandered old bookstores in the middle of clothes shopping downtown, and ate at restaurants both new and old. I went and bought school supplies at Staples and more things for college… Continue reading When (Back) In Rome