Move In (Round 2)

Attending school this summer was absolutely invaluable. When the time came to start the fall semester, I knew where everything was, where to study, what roads and frats were which, which dining halls were open and when. I also knew people, and have still never walked down the sidewalk near the dorms without seeing and... Continue Reading →

Get Wrecked!

Before my summer officially ended, I attended Wreck Camp. I had been on the fence about going but ultimately decided hey, why not move in early and meet a bunch of new people who I'll likely see every day for the next four years? So that was exactly what I did. It was essentially what... Continue Reading →

Just Jammin’

With August came another very important time. Important time? Um, yeah, it was the first time that I could use my new planner! If you're anything like me, you understand that having a good planner is crucial to living as stress-free as possible. You like how cute planners can be, how reliable and wonderful and... Continue Reading →

The Last Shebang

It's been a while since I've posted, just as I swore it wouldn't be. Consequently, it has also been a while since my summer semester ended. Fall semester has already started, and I have so many things to say, but bear with me. I can't skip ahead, I wouldn't forgive myself for that. So, these... Continue Reading →

Meeting Olympic Divers

When the Olympic diving team came to Tech to practice, you better believe that I waited in a ridiculously long line to meet them! They all seemed really nice but, of course, we were herded past a bit too much like cattle to get a greater impression~

I Scream For Ice Cream

On July 17th, I took a break from studying to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with my friends after dinner. Because the dining hall was out of ice cream cones, we protested by going to get frozen yogurt instead. Here are the highlights~

Macarons, Murals, and More Studying

Amelie's French Bakery is one place that I researched before coming to college and have wanted to visit for a while. It seemed so cute, and was only a little ways off of campus. The address was already saved in my phone.  One weekend, Avery and I decided two things: one, that we wanted to... Continue Reading →

Legally Blonde Day

July 13th was the 15th Anniversary of Legally Blonde. I found this out the morning of and was extremely excited about it, quite literally, all day. The next thing I found out, however, was that no one around me cared. I was the only one to whom this milestone, albeit of debatable significance, mattered. No... Continue Reading →

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