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Happy Finals Week!

Yesterday was the last official day of classes. Congrats you guys, we did it! Well, we’ve almost done it. Because yes, there are free breakfasts and therapy dogs, popsicles and bowling—tried and true signs of another term...terminating. (Sorry, that was too good to pass up.) These wonderful fun FREE things do little to disguise the… Continue reading Happy Finals Week!

Life and Such

Study-udy-udy (and Play Pokemon?)

The finals of the summer semester were approaching fast. The final classes, the final grades, tests, lessons... Everything was ending. Except, it seemed, for homework. I had a research paper to complete, as well as a Social Movements test to prepare for. I was overwhelmed at times, but did my best to spread my work… Continue reading Study-udy-udy (and Play Pokemon?)

Life and Such

Saturday Night Adventures with YurFaveAve

Nearly every weekend, the campus would clear out. It was summer, and people either went home, to the lake, or simply...elsewhere. Avery and I stayed one weekend, as we neither have cars nor homes nearby. So we embraced this something of an isolated existence and made a night of it. We worked on projects and… Continue reading Saturday Night Adventures with YurFaveAve