Golden Globes 2017 – My Predictions

With the new year comes a new selection of films, shows, directors, actors, and producers just waiting to be seen and properly acknowledged by Hollywood and the various Presses and Guilds. With the new year comes new faces on the red carpet, new fashions and gorgeous gowns and designers displaying their swoon-worthy work. With the… Continue reading Golden Globes 2017 – My Predictions

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Jackie Movie Review

Last Wednesday, I went to a screening of Jackie. This was the third free screening that I had attended at various theaters around Atlanta in less than three weeks. I had also just finished my very last final of the semester at ten o'clock that morning. I was completely packed and ready to go home… Continue reading Jackie Movie Review

Movie Reviews

Miss Sloane Movie Review

"Lobbying is about foresight, about anticipating your opponent’s moves, and devising counter measures. The winner walks one step ahead of the opposition. It’s about making sure you surprise them, and they don’t surprise you." Miss Sloane, in theaters Friday, sure did surprise me. I had high expectations when I went to the screening, having seen… Continue reading Miss Sloane Movie Review

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Labor Day Getaway

On Labor Day, my family stopped by to snatch me away for a little long-weekend trip. We went to Callaway Gardens and stayed in a really nice little cabin in the woods, right at the edge of the park. We rode bikes, walked, went swimming, saw butterflies, watched movies, and just generally caught up, for it… Continue reading Labor Day Getaway

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Legally Blonde Day

July 13th was the 15th Anniversary of Legally Blonde. I found this out the morning of and was extremely excited about it, quite literally, all day. The next thing I found out, however, was that no one around me cared. I was the only one to whom this milestone, albeit of debatable significance, mattered. No… Continue reading Legally Blonde Day

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Star Wars at Bobby Dodd

On July 8th, my friends and I attended a screening of one of my favorite movies, Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, at Bobby Dodd Stadium. I had been excited about this for weeks. Star Wars, on an enormous screen, in the grass on the field, with all of my new friends. It sounded… Continue reading Star Wars at Bobby Dodd