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Food, Friends, Art, and Coffee

Hello again! I thought that I'd end yet another infamous and periodic bit of radio silence with a post about an adventure I went on back in—what was it now, January? Man that was so long ago now. Anyway, a while ago I went to Cabbagetown with the lovely ladies I am going to be sharing… Continue reading Food, Friends, Art, and Coffee

Art, Life and Such

The Adventures of Lauren & Stank

On Saturday, January 28th, I met Christine (affectionately called "Stank" since some time around tenth grade) in West Midtown for our very favorite meal of the day. Our favorite because it's Leslie Knope's favorite, mostly, but also because it's dang delicious. We ate brunch at West Egg, which I had never been to before. We… Continue reading The Adventures of Lauren & Stank

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Macarons, Murals, and More Studying

Amelie's French Bakery is one place that I researched before coming to college and have wanted to visit for a while. It seemed so cute, and was only a little ways off of campus. The address was already saved in my phone.  One weekend, Avery and I decided two things: one, that we wanted to… Continue reading Macarons, Murals, and More Studying

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Buzzing About

My very first weekend on campus was spent in a flurry of new friends and sugary treats. (People bond over sugar, I've learned. I love this, though, as I love sugar—especially when it's free!) It went by in a flash—a happy, exciting, fun, stress-free flash. On Saturday, several of us rode together to Ponce City… Continue reading Buzzing About