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Labor Day Getaway

On Labor Day, my family stopped by to snatch me away for a little long-weekend trip. We went to Callaway Gardens and stayed in a really nice little cabin in the woods, right at the edge of the park. We rode bikes, walked, went swimming, saw butterflies, watched movies, and just generally caught up, for it had been a month since I had seen my family and we had all missed each other greatly.

One of the main attractions of the trip, other than getting to see one another and finish another season of Game of Thrones, obviously, was Callaway’s annual hot air balloon festival. Every evening, crews of people inflated a total of about twelve rainbow monsters using terrifyingly large flames. The balloons were beautiful, and I had never seen so many all in one place, nor in real life, before. They were fascinating and gorgeous and totally photogenic, as you’ll soon see.

Another highlight of the trip was the ropes course my brothers and I did. I had never done one of those before either, and was surprised, not by the heights or obstacles, but by how much of it I could actually do. I was also surprised by the fact that ninety percent of it was moving carabiner around to different wires. My brothers were competitive and urged me on constantly, making it all the more stressful but exciting and fun.

On Sunday night, we went to see the final balloon light show at the lake beach. The balloons were even more breathtaking than before, once you overlooked the cheesy pop music in the background. In fact, everything about the beach that weekend was a little cheesy—but in a good way. It was like an old-timey, vintage carnival, complete with cotton candy stands, shuffleboard, and over-sized chess sets. The entire festival vibe was contagious and quaint. There were children running about, dance songs playing, and adults waiting in line for margaritas. People played volleyball, splashed, and danced on the beach all day. It was a blast, even just people-watching and wandering about.

Finally, yes, my mom and I finished another season of Game of Thrones. It was season four and absolutely heartbreaking. You may know nothing, Jon Snow, but I’m still not okay.

It was such a wonderful long weekend, full of activities and relaxation alike. We did things at our own pace, did what we wanted to do. We wanted to ride bikes and take pictures and naps, so we did. We wanted to go see butterflies at the butterfly garden, so we did. We even wanted to watch a movie instead of hiking to see fireworks, so we did that too.

I got to see and spend time with my family, who I miss constantly. I got to get away from school and constant homework for a bit. I got to try and see a variety of new things. I loved every minute of it.

So No One Told You…

Sometimes when you go home, you also get to see the people that you’ve been missing all summer!

Our three hour lunch at Panera



There was a yellow jacket on her drink and she wasn’t too pleased about it…


Marge’s birthday party :’-)

She wasn’t pleased either.

Breakfast with the STANKIEST of them all!!

Two kinds of selfie people

I forgot why exactly she was crying but here is proof of it! (It might have been because there was a bird less than two feet away…)


I Scream For Ice Cream

On July 17th, I took a break from studying to celebrate National Ice Cream Day with my friends after dinner. Because the dining hall was out of ice cream cones, we protested by going to get frozen yogurt instead. Here are the highlights~

Caffeine BUZZ




After we got back to our dorm, we ran up the hill to admire the sky.

Crazy FASET Crashers

After another week of studying, my friends and I went to orientation. We pretended to be new students for the perks: free cookies, popsicles, t-shirts, stickers. Dishonest? Maybe. A fun bonding experience, ideal for broke college freshman who already knew a thing or two? Definitely.

After our free treats, we were whisked away by our friend with the car to Kale Me Crazy in Midtown. I had never been, but one friend, the health nut had. It was her favorite restaurant, and she wanted to share it with us. As everything on the menu looked amazing, we all eagerly consented.


I got my food, an acai bowl with coconut, banana, granola, and honey. I took pictures. It was pretty. But it was absolutely disgusting.

It had no flavor. It was like eating tasteless slush with fruit seeds in it. It was really cold. The toppings were the best part, but the ratio of material to smoothie was horribly disproportionate. It was also more expensive than a bad smoothie should have been. I don’t know how people do it so regularly.

The thing was, it was weirdly filling. So if you are a health nut, like said friend, and care very little for sugar or a satisfying taste, I’d call you crazy, but you’d love this place.

And even though I didn’t like it, going and trying something new with my friends was really fun. We snuck into Bobby Dodd Stadium and took pictures once we returned. We also went to a few parties and met a ton of new people. It was another fun weekend for the books. Or, the blog.

QUEENS of Pops!

The restaurant itself was basically just a bar, which was tight but cute!

It’s so heartbrakingly deceptively good-looking.

Bobby Dodd

We joke that we’re twins. But with the same hair and almost same name, who can blame us?

Apparently Star Trek reruns aren’t always appreciated…

Saturday Night Adventures with YurFaveAve

Nearly every weekend, the campus would clear out. It was summer, and people either went home, to the lake, or simply…elsewhere. Avery and I stayed one weekend, as we neither have cars nor homes nearby. So we embraced this something of an isolated existence and made a night of it.

We worked on projects and did things on our own for a while before going out to eat at Tin Drum in Tech Square. I had no idea what the food would be like, aside from Avery’s insistence that it was the absolutely best.

It turned out to be extremely good, and pretty. (I love pretty and yummy food.)

We talked about American Horror Story as the Strokes played, and when we had finished we went back to the dorms to watch movies. There were cookies and strawberry lemonade to top everything off.

At one point she decided to take out the trash, so we both went to get some fresh air. Buddy system and wandering around and admiring the sky and all that. When we got to the dumpster we were starstruck by the skyline and highway before us. It was like that scene from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, where Charlie comes out of the tunnel and sees the whole world lit up before him and all he can do is stare. He feels invincible, free, full of life and potential. It was like that.

And all we did was (quite literally) take out the trash.

We went back to her room again and after a while, friends down the hall returned from whatever ventures they had been participating in that evening. Several joined us in Avery’s room, and one even brought a guitar. They took turns with the instrument, thinking of songs to play and take turns singing. It was a dorm room jam session. It was like something out of a movie. It was so…college.


When I finished my homework for the evening, I started watching Girls. Such a good decision.

Teriyaki chicken with sweet peppers and rice for me, sesame chicken with broccoli and rice for her.

I loved the decor.

“I’ve never seen a strawberry lemon, though.”

What began as a simple night in became an unforgettable college evening.


When (Back) In Rome

When I came back home, I explored some places that I hadn’t really been before. I visited antique stores in search of dorm decor, wandered old bookstores in the middle of clothes shopping downtown, and ate at restaurants both new and old. I went and bought school supplies at Staples and more things for college at Lowe’s.

These are likely all seemingly mundane things, but they were fun. Peaceful. I spent time with my mother and grandmother, found good sales, was altogether inspired. I highly recommend just wandering around sometimes.

Here are the pictures I took~

So satisfying

I walked by this and did a double take because it’s SO photogenic.

Tried something new at Harvest Moon.

Pretty Alice