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Happy Finals Week!

Yesterday was the last official day of classes. Congrats you guys, we did it!

Well, we’ve almost done it. Because yes, there are free breakfasts and therapy dogs, popsicles and bowling—tried and true signs of another term…terminating. (Sorry, that was too good to pass up.) These wonderful fun FREE things do little to disguise the fact that we still have a little ways to go.

Seven days to go, to be exact. And these seven days are some of the most stressful of the semester.


Happy finals week, everyone. For some, this is the defining moment of their weeks upon weeks of worry and stress. For some, it is all that stands between them and graduation, or a fabulous summer vacation. For some, they’re lucky and it’s mostly just a chill period of time to wander around collecting free stuff until it’s time to move out.

Regardless of where you stand, it’s pretty universal that finals suck, but it will all be better in about a week. And in honor of these last seven days, here are seven things that don’t suck, but that can even make everything a little bit brighter~


1. Netflix

Everyone needs a study break every now and then. If your brain hurts, find a short show, they don’t require too much commitment. Girls is my latest go-to, but I also love Friends and Seinfeld. Netflix also has a bunch of really amazing new shows too, one of which is Girlboss with Britt Robertson. It’s based on Sophia Amoruso’s (the founder of Nasty Gal) autobiography by the same name.



2. Exercising

To not feel guilty while watching said Netflix shows, I often go running while I watch them. There are also so many fun classes at the CRC, like barre pilates and power yoga. And, even better, they’re free during finals week! So anyone can drop by and try them out!

3. Ice Cream (and assorted foods, bonus points if FREE)

Exercising is wonderful but let’s be honest, ice cream is also extremely important. So are the aforementioned free popsicles, and cookies, pizza, and breakfasts. This may just be a freshman thing, but it also may be a being-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time thing. To be determined. ALSO there’s also the new “late night bites” thing at Chick-fil-a and Panda Express in the Student Center, where we can use meal swipes from 9 pm-12am. So either way, brilliant.


4. Music + Art

Make a new playlist, find some new songs, hunt around Spotify for a bit to de-stress. It’s quite fun, and the fruit of your labor (ie. an amazing new selection of songs) will come in handy for when you go back to studying, too. Additionally: if you play an instrument, go for it! Except, you know, not if your dorm has quiet hours.

Otherwise, draw something, paint something, de-stress that way! Last week the Arts Ambassadors (aka me and some of the coolest most wonderful people I have ever met) held an Arts Fest in the Ferst Center! There were tons of free cookies, student artists selling their work at booths, a muralist, interactive art, a Piano Project piano with a chalkboard on the back, student performers… You name it. It was wonderful seeing so many people come in and participate, so exciting and therapeutic to just be in such a friendly and happy and artistic atmosphere.


5. Family and Friends

Don’t forget about them! Yeah it’s just a week with a weekend thrown in there, but study with friends, go on study breaks, get dinner together, etc. Also, text your mom. It’s so much better for everyone’s sanity, and the people who care about you will help you through.



6. Sleep

DO NOT FORGET TO GET ENOUGH SLEEP. SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT. IF YOU HAVE BEEN STUDYING FOR HOURS ON END AND CAN’T KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN LITERALLY JUST GO TO BED. You won’t retain information as well if you studied it well if you studied with a  compromised mental state. And you’ll be crabby as heck the next day really please just go home and sleep and don’t snore in the CULC this is completely theoretical (it’s not). My heart hurts when people do this. Sure you want more hours in the day but make better use of the ones you have and simply embrace how wonderful and helpful sleep is.


7. Georgia Tech

All in all, there are so many things that are important and helpful, so many yummy and wonderful things. Georgia Tech may not always seem like one of them, as it is also the bearer of the finals chopping block itself. But Tech cares about us, genuinely. There are so many resources that they provide, so many study breaks and opportunities to hit the refresh button. They want us to be healthy, happy, successful—whether you always think so or not. So take advantage of the benefits, give Buzz a hug, study hard but not so hard that you hurt yourself.

After all, it is just a week.  


Color & (Pop) Culture Crazy

Sometimes, when you go home for three weeks, you find old line doodles hidden in notebooks half-buried and forgotten on your nightstand. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to pretend that they’re your very own, home-made, completely customized coloring pages. Sometimes…img_4669

Home of the Brave(s)

On Saturday, June 25th, a group of us headed to the Marta station.We were headed to the Atlanta Braves game. They were playing the Mets, and Flo Rida was performing after the game. We were running late, and all I could think about was America and George Costanza.

We got lost, got off of our Midtown train too soon, weren’t sure where we were supposed to go to catch a bus to Turner Field. We were late, but we certainly weren’t alone. We followed other large groups of Braves-clad college students and, after getting directions from a janitor and our semi-Marta savvy friend, we made it to Little Five Points and finally, Turner Field.

One of my friends has a super complicated connection and was able to get us tickets to the game. (Like, she got them from a brother’s girlfriend’s friend’s dad’s business partner’s etc.) The tickets were excellent—we were able to ditch the lines and go in the media entrance—literally the back door.

We had access to the back door and to the Sky Box. Our seats were a section behind home plate, too, the closest I’ve ever been at the Atlanta Braves. Around the fourth inning, we settled in with our overpriced bottles of water and snacks, ready to watch the game.

At one point we migrated to take pictures. I saw a girl who was a year ahead of me from high school, which was really random. We saw Robbie Hayes from season twelve of The Bachelorette. (We took a picture with him and it’s below, don’t worry. I wasn’t about to let my recurring dream of seeing celebrities but not taking pictures with them come to pass…again.) We cheered, we shouted, we laughed. We watched Flo Rida perform after the game had ended in a Braves loss (by one point in the eleventh inning.) We sang and laughed some more.

We were drenched in sweat but fatigued by the good time we had had when it was finally time to leave. We took the bus back to the train station and easily made our way back to Midtown—a place with which we were growing more and more familiar. We stopped by Insomnia cookies on the way back to campus, and the cookies were as warm and delicious as ever.

By the time we made it back and fell into our beds (and showers), we had had an evening full of fun, of new memories, of new and better friends, of stories and cookies and fun. It was the favorite all-American past-time at its finest.



We took a lot of selfies…





Such a sweet friend ❤


Robbie Hayes from The Bachelorette Season 12


Flo Rida sang Bottoms Up, Whistle, Where Them Girls At…so many old middle school radio throwbacks, honestly.