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Weekend #1

Fall semester started and the first week came and went. It gave way to a great weekend, full of pretty (alligator-looking) sunsets, milkshakes, skyline views, and weird frat party things.

The weirdest thing that happened was that we saw a baby pig some guy keeps as a pet in his room. (Weird, but freaking adorable.) Oh, and another weird thing: clouds that look like alligators?

The most exciting and sweetest thing to happen was that my grandparents sent me Insomnia cookies and ice cream. I was with my friend at the time, and I had not been expecting it at all. I went out to the curb, saw the surprise, squealed, and proceeded to run back to her room to dive in/chow down. It was such a nice (and yummy) treat!

All in all, it was another weekend, but the first official one of the school year. It was fun, and I look forward to many more such weekends in the future.

Motivation to Run

I hate running and always have, but I started to do it more this summer. Like, willingly, of my own accord, running.

One thing that helped to motivate me to do it, aside from watching Friends guilt-free of course, was the sky.

The sunsets are typically lovely, but one night the sky was particularly brilliant. Avery and I were running on treadmills inside, but when we saw the sky through the window, we ditched the machinery and took off. We ran outside and all the way up Freshman Hill to better admire the sky.

It was breathtaking. (And not just because we were…ya know…out of breath.) After it ended and darkness decended, we made a couple detours on the way back to the treadmills.