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Star Wars at Bobby Dodd

On July 8th, my friends and I attended a screening of one of my favorite movies, Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens, at Bobby Dodd Stadium.

I had been excited about this for weeks. Star Wars, on an enormous screen, in the grass on the field, with all of my new friends. It sounded ideal.

I studied and was a good little student the day before. I wasn’t even distracted by Buzz, who came and stole my computer for a moment in the middle of my Social Movements readings. (Well, maybe for a minute.) I got my work done so that I could enjoy everything fully.

Then the protests downtown started.

And, in my case, downtown meant down the road.

I have no opinion on the Black Lives Matter protests. Not what was being protested, not the tactics used, nothing. This isn’t going to be a political expose of any sort. I’m also not going to pretend that I’m informed about everything that was going on enough to make a comment that isn’t self-incriminating in some manner. So don’t get offended or read too much into any of this, please.

(Also understand that this is my blog and you are a voluntary reader. Also I’m like the biggest Star Wars nerd, so that’s where I’m comin’ from here.)

I was really disappointed that the helicopters overhead interrupted the movie.

There were at least fifteen coming and going, and they were so infuriatingly loud. Every scene, even the quiet ones, now featured war-movie sound effects, the sound of spinning blades and beating drums. My head pounded…or was it the laser blasts on screen?

It was mildly upsetting. I’d seen the movie before, but it still wasn’t what I had been expecting or hoped it would be.

Even excepting the helicopters, everyone around me only discussed what was happening on the news throughout the entirety of our stay. They weren’t even watching the movie. They had friends that they were worried about, wanted to check on. Two people even left the stadium to join the protests, mostly to say that they had been involved. (Again, this is just what it seemed like to me.) It was crazy.

I was disappointed, but not long after this, it was all in the past. Everyone moved on. When I went home, I rewatched the movie with my brothers in our living room, on a normal-sized TV. Sure, it wasn’t a jumbo-projector, sure it wasn’t outdoors, didn’t feel like a festival. There weren’t tons of new people to talk to.

But being cozy, being with my family, not having anything dangerous happening down the road, not having ten helicopters right above me, being able to enjoy the movie that I love? This was much more fun.

Buzz caught us studying!

Friends in a Field, oil on canvas, 1879 AD

The sky was gorgeous.

“Stop taking my hand!”

Bumblebee Tights

Guess who! That’s right, the busy little bee who swore up and down that she would make time to blog more often. Well, remembering to blog is a pretty key element in this too, it turns out.

I just wanted to post because I had an excellent day yesterday. That’s it. Really. Why was it so excellent? I’m glad you asked!

And so, here is a list of everything good that happened yesterday:

  • I had some particularly excellent tea this morning, was early to school, and my first period teacher brought us donuts just because.
  • We had a senior assembly and it was like movie high school complete with booing and chanting students and screaming coaches and it was EXCELLENT. Prime entertainment and surprising class unity.
  • In European History we talked about Leo Tolstoy and Anna Karenina for the entire class period. I was the only one who had read it – even my teacher hasn’t, and he’s read everything!


  • I ate stir fry and Thai noodles for lunch. This is my Ideal Meal.
  • I won the Young Georgia Authors writing contest for my grade at the school! Even better: it was my super feminist essay on Jane Austen’s Fanny Price and feminism that won. I’ll share it tomorrow, so keep an eye out.
  • I finished hand-building my mug in ceramics.
  • I made excellent progress on the audio book that I am currently listening to. It’s Jojo Moyes’ Me Before You (yes, the one that all the BookTubers won’t shut up about) and it’s already on it’s way to being one of my favorites. I’ve laughed and cried within the span of a single page. I’m in love with the characters. And Lou’s obsession with bumblebees has made me a little obsessed too. I love how happy she gets about the bumblebee tights that Will gives her. But anyway, more on Me Before You later.


  • We watched Dead Poets Society in Literature class.
  • I was asked to prom by one of my best friends at my car after school. A Star Wars themed poster was involved.
  • I didn’t have to work, so I went straight home and watched Grey’s Anatomy. I’m only a single episode away from catching up now!


  • My friends and I planned a birthday party for Mr. Wisner, our beloved and snarky Euro teacher. I painted the banner, Emily got the card, Margie got the present…etc.
  • The other day I decided that I will be attending college at Georgia Tech in Atlanta! I am so excited and today I received my admission packet in the mail. I (and my mother) announced my plans via social media. ‘m still receiving responses hours later.

Anyway, there is nothing to glean from this post really, other than perhaps some amusement from the gifs and photographs. Yesterday was just one of those days where, even when bad things happen, they are immediately forgotten and replaced by the oh-so-precious good. So I thought I would document and remember it.