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(Another) Goodbye to Freshman Year

ggHello again! I hope that everyone has had or is having an amazing end of their spring semester or school year, beginning of their summer, etc! I have officially finished my freshman year of college, which is crazy! I packed up and said goodbye to freshman dorm, roommate, dining halls…some parts of which were much more bittersweet than others.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetI’ll miss a lot of things about being a college freshman, of course. It’s like being any kind of freshman. People look out for you and want to help you succeed. There are those who look down on you for being the babies, obviously; but there are still more people who consider you adorable and take you under their wings for the same reason. And then there are all of the other perks, like “free” food and coffee, like everyday. I forgot that Starbucks was a business and that normal people pay for it for awhile. And I’m not sure what not going to grab freebies from tabling events as often will be like. (Just kidding I’ll probably still nab stuff who are we kidding.)IMG_8150

I’ll also miss living right in the center of campus. I was definitely spoiled with the prime location of my dorm (Hopkins). I could just climb the hill to get to class or go get food. I could walk anywhere in about five to ten minutes, honestly. I’ll also miss the fact that most of my friends and I all lived in the same two blocks, and that to “go out” we literally just walked downstairs.

But there are of course things that I won’t miss, too (the shared bathroom situation, the inevitably messy tiny shoebox where we slept, etc.). More importantly, though, there are even more things that I am looking forward to about when everyone is back on campus in the fall.

IMG_6214I’ll get to see my friends, go to more Arts Ambassador meetings, and take new classes. I have a job and a project lined up and ready to go, and I’m so completely excited about both. I may join a sorority, and though Rush is terrifying, the idea of having a house and another group of friendly faces on campus would be so sweet and invaluable. I’m going to live in a North Ave. apartment with my friends, and though it is a little farther away from campus, we can still walk everywhere. We have our own rooms, share two bathrooms, and there’s a KITCHEN! I’m going to learn how to cook in between reading for my Medieval Lit class and studying Personality Theory. I’ll also get to decorate four walls instead of just one, and it’s going to be beautiful.desk before


I even can’t wait to help the next round of freshmen. I have learned so much over the past year, the past three semesters, that I am more than happy and willing to share anything that I know and have learned with someone who needs it. I’ve already given some tips out to people who I can’t wait to take under the now experienced non-freshman wing of my own.

I’ll miss that being me, but I know that my own wings have not gone away. I still have my older friends, past professors, and the resources that I had and needed as a freshman. I don’t,desk after by any means, know everything; I know I’ll still need help along the way too. But I have built my own little community here, and for that I am so very grateful. That’s what being a freshman, or just being young, I think, is at least partially about. It grows as you do, and it never goes away.

So for you incoming freshman, reach out and get to know others. Join clubs, do things that you’re interested in, try new things. Some things you try may suck, but guess what: you

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

can quit them, or try again later. Take advantage of your benefits (like free coffee, I’m bitter can you tell) and don’t forget about them. Be grateful and kind and optimistic. Do your best, but take care of yourselves and give yourself a break, too. The fall is just right around the corner.

~Until then, I’m going to catch up on posts from the past couple of months. Also, I have exciting summer announcements, sO LOL IF YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE OR SOMETHING, gg2CHECK OUT MY NEXT BLOG POST BECAUSE IT’S GONNA BE MORE EXCITING THAN ANY OF THIS.

Oh yeah, and XOXO GOSSIP GIRL~

Beltline Blues and Roommate News

I love the Beltline. I love the art, the urban atmosphere, the market nearby…I love it all. So when my roommate mentioned going with a group of our friends the weekend before classes started, I jumped at the idea. I had missed it, as I hadn’t been since earlier in the summer, despite its being right down the road.

I also thought that I’d use it as an opportunity to bond with my roommate and get to know her better. We talked, joked, and explored. We also figured out how to Marta there and back together. This immediately solidifies any relationship, I’m convinced.

It was a lovely afternoon, after which I only sort-of felt gross from eating so much ice cream, knew how to use Marta A LOT better, and was much closer to my hilarious and wonderful roommate. I was also even more excited about starting the full school year the following week.

Get Wrecked!

Before my summer officially ended, I attended Wreck Camp.

I had been on the fence about going but ultimately decided hey, why not move in early and meet a bunch of new people who I’ll likely see every day for the next four years? So that was exactly what I did.

It was essentially what one would a expect a kid’s or church summer camp to be like. There were small group, teams, competitions, outdoor games like capture the flag, and s’mores. There was a silent disco, where we all wore neon and borrowed headsets with two channels of music to dance to. There were icebreaker and team-building activities.

There was even a paint war, which was probably one of the most fun parts. It was like the student section at my high school football games all over again. (But we got to shower right afterwards!)

It was a great way to network and meet both my peers and upperclassmen. I got to know my roommate, got to learn a little more about my school, got to revert to the elementary school days of tug of war. I made both a lot of wonderful friends and many fun memories before going back to college in the fall.

Just Jammin’

With August came another very important time. Important time? Um, yeah, it was the first time that I could use my new planner!

If you’re anything like me, you understand that having a good planner is crucial to living as stress-free as possible. You like how cute planners can be, how reliable and wonderful and satisfying they are. You appreciate sticky notes and color-coding things…you appreciate pens too. You like that it is as though the perfect planner (which may take years to find) seems to be tailored just for you.

If you’re not anything like me…well, I’m not crazy I swear! Leslie Knope does it too!


Without further ado, here’s my new pretty little friend!

(Last little plug: my planner is Bando’s large Lady of Luxury Agenda, and I highly recommend it! My last planner was also by ban.do, so we’ve had a relationship for a while. AKA, all of their planners hold up really well, have a ton of room to write, draw, whatever you’re feelin, and so are stinking FUN! Oh, and my pens are Straedtler fine tips.)

(I will also be more than happy if either of them wants to sponsor me. Ok that’s all *flips hair super unsubtlely* *winks awkwardly*)


So No One Told You…

Sometimes when you go home, you also get to see the people that you’ve been missing all summer!

Our three hour lunch at Panera



There was a yellow jacket on her drink and she wasn’t too pleased about it…


Marge’s birthday party :’-)

She wasn’t pleased either.

Breakfast with the STANKIEST of them all!!

Two kinds of selfie people

I forgot why exactly she was crying but here is proof of it! (It might have been because there was a bird less than two feet away…)


When (Back) In Rome

When I came back home, I explored some places that I hadn’t really been before. I visited antique stores in search of dorm decor, wandered old bookstores in the middle of clothes shopping downtown, and ate at restaurants both new and old. I went and bought school supplies at Staples and more things for college at Lowe’s.

These are likely all seemingly mundane things, but they were fun. Peaceful. I spent time with my mother and grandmother, found good sales, was altogether inspired. I highly recommend just wandering around sometimes.

Here are the pictures I took~

So satisfying

I walked by this and did a double take because it’s SO photogenic.

Tried something new at Harvest Moon.

Pretty Alice